Make Up Your Mind, Inna.

Ah, another fresh start. I don’t dare to count the times I’ve tried getting my mojo back, lack of inspiration must be the main reason for it. Another reason of losing that certain mojo is the fact that I don’t know what to write about anymore. If you are aware, The Little Big Spender on Blogger was kind of a hit a few years back. It wasn’t that big, but I did have some readers, and they were the motivation why I kept writing about my silly materialistic life. I wrote about spending cash on clothes, shoes, books, etc., hence the blog name. However, I did love sharing about it and the perks that came along with it.

For some reason, I stopped blogging about it due to personal reasons for which I cannot really point out. I guess I got tired of it, and that was a huge change in my blogging life. Now, let’s move on and forget about the past. So what have you missed? Nothing much, actually. For the past year, I’ve traveled, partied, fell in love and so on… Totally normal, right?  Of course, things were a little bit more intense than that, if you stalk me on Instagram you would know.

So to give you specific details: I am currently in a great relationship, and when I say great, it’s extremely great. I am in my last semester of college, and will be graduating in March 2015. Finally. I am still traveling from time to time whenever my boyfriend and I have the chance to (so long solo traveling, hello couple traveling!). Not that I haven’t traveled with a boyfriend before, which I actually did, but it was more of local traveling. Then again, my boyfriend and I are looking forward to our first out of the country trip this coming December. Hooray! Hmm… What else? I just upgraded the OS of my laptop, and that’s new. Oh! I actually just got back from a trip last weekend, and I will create a blog post about it. I will also post more photo diaries on what I have been doing for the past months… Just because.